Q01: What is EtutorStar Learning Pen?

A: EtutorStar Learning Pen is developed with the latest optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology. The EtutorStar Learning Pen is a combination of the latest optical recognition technology and speech synthesis. It is a learning product by the latest advance digital technology. It can be used with the full range of EtutorStar audio magazines and audio books, both in English and Chinese.

Q02: Why should I buy the EtutorStar Learning Pen?

A:The EtutorStar Learning Pen can be used with Etutor Audio Magazines - ‘Hao Peng You’ ‘Zhi Shi Hua Bao’ ‘Zhi Shi Bao’, ‘New Friends’ ‘New World’ ‘New Express’ published in 2015, 2016 and coming years. It can also be used with EtutorStar voice-enhance teaching and learning audio books series. The EtutorStar Learning Pen is a great tool for listening, oral and reading practices. It helps to re-enforce learning and enhance language skills, making language learning easier and more efficient. The EtutorStar Learning Pen is well-designed. It is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use. It comes with accurate pronunciation. It has up to 8GB memory capacity, while supporting MP3 audio playback and music player. It helps to make learning more interactive and diversify. The EtutorStar Learning Pen is a great assistant to parents and the best companion to children in learning language.

Q03: How to Use the EtutorStar Learning Pen with Audio Magazines and Books?

(1)Select EtutorStar Audio Magazines or the EtutorStar Audio Books series. Simply use the EtutorStar Learning Pen to touch on the titles of the magazines or Audio Books (note: the title on the 2nd page of the book). (2)Tap the contents which have layered with special audio code. (3)Please keep at the angle of 70 to 90 between the sensor and the reading material surface. (4)EtutorStar Learning Pen can be used together with ear pieces.

Q04: How to Download audio file?

A:The EtutorStar Learning Pen build-in with 4GB memory capacity, you can download the audio files of relevant learning material files into the memory card. (1)Connect the USB cable of EtutorStar Learning Pen to the computer. The EtutorStar Learning Pen files name will appear on the computer upon successful connection. (2)Logon to www.EtutorStar.com via computer, select the file and download them to the computer. (3)Select the relevant audio file, copy and paste the audio file to the corresponding folder: Tap to Reading files    ---  AP4 Folder
MP3 / Music files        ---  MP3 Folder
Recording files            ---  Recorder Folder
Dictionary files            ---  DIC FolderSubdir Folder
Subdir Folder System Folder, please do not delete any files in this folder
(4)Please delete unneeded file(s) if it shows not enough memory when downloading files into EtutorStar Learning Pen memory card. Before you delete the files, it is recommended to copy and backup the files you wish to delete to a computer or other storage devices for future use.

Q05: How to on/off the EtutorStar Learning Pen?


Power On:

Press the Power button (3 seconds) to start and you will hear a greeting "Huan Ying Nin Shi Yong 欢迎您使用". Indication light will turn blue after the button is released to use. EtutorStar Learning Pen can be used while charging. Press the Power button (1 second) to use when the indication light turns blue.

Power Off:

Press the Power button for 3 seconds to shut down and you will hear a greeting "Gan Xie Nin De Shi Yong 感谢您的使用".

Q06: How do I use the button on the EtutorStar Learning Pen?

A: Button Description

Power Button :

Hold on for 3 seconds to On/Off the power.

Hold for less than 3 seconds to switch to recording mode.

Mode Button :

Hold on for 3 seconds to change the mode (Tap to Read/Read Along/ MP3).

Hold on for less than 3 seconds to pause, resume by pressing the Mode button again.

Volume Button / :

Hold on for 3 seconds to switch file;

Hold for less than 3 seconds to adjust the volume.

Q07: How do I use the recording function of the EtutorStar Learning Pen?


Press the Power button to start recording.

Press the Power button again to stop recording.

Press the Mode button to play the recording.

Press the Volume button up to 3 seconds to return to the previous recording.

Q08: How do I use the Read Along 跟读 function of the EtutorStar Learning Pen?


Press the Mode button for 3 seconds to enter the Read Along Mode ("Gen Du")

Tap on the content you wish to “Read Along”.

Follow the instruction to “Read Along”, after the sound “Du”.

Wait for few seconds to listen to the original audio again then following your Read Along recording. You may compare your recording with the original audio.

Hold on to the Mode button for 3 seconds to return to the normal reading mode.

Q09: How do I use the MP3 function of the EtutorStar Learning Pen?


Press the Mode button to play the file in MP3 folder.

Select file by pressing the Volume button / for 3 seconds.

Adjust the volume by press the Volume button less than 3 seconds.

Q10: How do I charge the EtutorStar Learning Pen?

A: EtutorStar Learning Pen is built-in with lithium battery. Connect the USB cable with the USB Port and the Adapter provided. Alternatively, you may connect USB cable with a computer for charging. The Indication light will turn red when EtutorStar Learning Pen is charging, turn blue when it is fully-charged.

Q11: Troubleshooting in a glance


Problems Solutions
Automatic shutdown Standby time exceed 3 minutes, restart to use.
After the file is stored
in non-reactive
Please check whether the file is stored in the corresponding folder.
Cannot record Please check whether the recording audio file is too large to store.
Cannot power on Please press the reset button with a needle. Charge the battery to use.
Unable to copy file Check whether the memory card is full; Delete unnecessary files;
Check whether the USB cable is properly connected.
Check whether the USB connector is in good condition.
The sensor is not working;
no audio
Check if the file is correctly pasted to the corresponding file;
Check whether the EtutorStar Learning Pen is switched to the reading mode.
Check whether the sensor pointing at the correct cover / issue number / title.

Q12: Does the EtutorStar Learning Pen comes with warranty?

A:EtutorStar comes with one-year hardware limited warranty. Do not disassemble the EtutorStar Learning Pen, which will affect its proper working and warranty.

Q13: How to purchase the EtutorStar Learning Pen and Audio Books?

A:You may browse and buy through our website www.etutorstar.com

Please contact our helpdesk @67427555 or email: service@ecombay.com for assistance.

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