E-Com Group of Companies ( Chee Sze Poh Press 知识报社, E-Com Digital, E-Com Media, E-Com Education, E-Com Publications) are involved in the Singapore educational sector since 1965. We are the market leader for Chinese language educational content developer and provider (Both printed and digital media).

Our Education brand- Etutor/ Success Publications/ Zhi Shi Bao are Singapore most recognised educational brands.

New era with new challenges, join us as:

· Finance Accounts Executive
· Admin & Clerical assistant
· Finance Accounts Executive
· English Assessment Editor / Story Writer
· Sales Manager / Executive (Educational product & services)
· Publication Layout & Artwork Design 电脑排版、美工与平面设计
· 儿童阅读刊物 / 小学华文辅助教材编辑 / 助理
· Education Product Sales Representative 小学辅助教材及产品销售员

(Work at Popular Bookstores)

Please email your resume to hr@ecombay.com, contact number: 67427555

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