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  • [Package] Dimpy Story Book 1 to 7
    + EtutorStar Learning Pen
  • Publisher :Chase Publishing Co.,Ltd
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    Bilingual (English and Chinese) Story Series specially written and designed for pre-school and lower primary children.
    Young children learn through playing. This series provides the most engaging and fun way to get the children to learn about their surroundings efficiently and independently.
    Stories are written based on 7 different thematics. Introducing children to different types of people and various things in daily life through interesting audio-visual activities and story lines.
    Interactive learning games designed according to the preference of young children, stimulating young children's learning interests.
    Interactive audio-visual stories characters dubbed in real life voice in both English and Chinese attract children's attention and interests in learning through visual and sound with joy.
    Clear pronunciation helps children to master the pronunciation.
    Printed with environmental friendly soy ink and vibrant colours, which is safe for children.
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